Ce tapis rond au poil court et rose est simple et poétique.
En coton et soie, sa texture est dense, toute douce et naturelle. Un grand tapis parfait pour un salon, un bureau ou une chambre.


Fabriqué en Inde à la main, il se lave aussi à la main


Pink rectangle rug

Color: Powdery pink
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  • In order to maintain your vegetable silk and cotton carpet as well as possible, we invite you to:
    - Vacuum regularly without rubbing to remove dust and other dry particles from the carpet
    - Do not use a hard brush
    - If a wire protrudes, do not worry, do not pull on it, but cut it carefully with scissors
    - Treat stains with a cloth or sponge slightly moistened with water and a little neutral soap.
    - Do a thorough cleaning once a year with a dry shampoo or with a professional

  • 90% Viscose and 10% Cotton