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This white carpet in natural fiber will delight all the family!
With its white color, this cloud rug is poetic and gives the look of a room.

We especially like its texture of cotton and silk, dense and very soft.

Medium white cloud rug

Color: White
Out of Stock
  • In order to maintain your vegetable silk and cotton carpet as well as possible, we invite you to:
    - Vacuum regularly without rubbing to remove dust and other dry particles from the carpet
    - Do not use a hard brush
    - If a wire protrudes, do not worry, do not pull on it, but cut it carefully with scissors
    - Treat stains with a cloth or sponge slightly moistened with water and a little neutral soap.
    - Do a thorough cleaning once a year with a dry shampoo or with a professional

  • 90% Viscose and 10% Cotton.

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